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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

 - Thomas Merton


Art came to me in my later years and I embraced it as my calling. It's a passionate way of revealing the depths of my soul. It's a journey of discovery, a balm for my spirit, and it brings me immense contentment.
Oftentimes, we become unaware of our physical selves, in the same way, that I had. By delving into the physical aspects of our being, we can come to know our sensuality, vulnerability, and creativity. This leads us to accept ourselves fully. My purpose is to encourage the viewer to do the same, granting them the confidence to feel secure in their own bodies.

Denis HM


As I blend colours and manipulate various techniques, I draw on both old and new methods in an expert and highly disciplined process, meshing them with my own emotions and internal world.



My studio is a sanctuary that allows me to make my inspiring works a reality. It's the place in which the visceral is realized, and brought into existence. This is where our irrefutable realities and intrinsic humanity are discerned and unveiled till they come alive.

My creations start off in my isolated and intimate space and then get traverse to multiple venues such as art exhibitions and galleries, auctions, and the global online environment.

-Denise, Dec 2022

Channel cropped to edge.png

What Clients Say

"I was immediately drawn to the subtle depth of the colours in this piece. I thoroughly enjoy your talent, I can see and feel the story you are portraying. It captures so many emotions , your work is truly beautiful." 
Kelly M.
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