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I'm self taught unless you count high school art class. All those years I was feed statements like, you can't make money at art, etc. I was now challenging that. Like the writing, it was another form of self expression and self reflection.  I first started with flowers, plants, etc, and then one night I had to draw this woman in this particular pose, nude. It was like it was a directive from the universe. I drew it and the next day I saw a news piece on a woman that was at a protest and she sat naked in front of the police and the pose I had drawn the night before was her same pose. I kept drawing and painting because I felt called to do it. Drawing nudes helped me be connected to my body and be more accepting of my whole self. 

I create art because I am called to do it. There is so much beauty in the world but the real beauty is internal and creating art is an outward expression of that. 
This is true of my abstracts as well. These pieces usually happen when I've been in my head too much a way to reconnect to my intuition. They are often rich in texture reflective of internal landscapes or a strive to capture a moment in time that deeply moved me.

Art is as much about the artist's vision, rendering, and process as it is the emotional and physical reactions the viewer has upon seeing it. 

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I'm a long time photographer, over 20 years. A lot of things started to change in my life in my as I hit menopause. My marriage ended and I lost both parents. I started to go inward and started to unravel who I was as the person I was determined by conditioning and assigned roles of wife, daughter and even mother. I had lost connection with who I really was.

I started to write, poetry which I never really had much interest in before.
It was an outlet for suppressed emotions and desires.
I started painting kind of out of necessity, as I needed some furniture for my new place after leaving my marriage, so I painted treasures found on the side of the road or things I bought second-hand.  I eventually bought some colour pencils, then watercolour pencils and paper. I think the drawing and painting really kicked off when the pandemic hit. I had more time to be creative.


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance




Persephone closeup.png
The Marsh.png
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Paintings, Drawings, Poetry & Beyond

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