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As Whales Breach

When I was girl I never asked for much, a hug, a smile

and a slice of freshly baked bread. Never aspired to be anything grand just wanted to sell Avon like my Nan,

because I loved her so much.

I felt safe there at her house with the playhouse in the garden

where cousins gathered in pretend. And, the woodshed with the swing that Pop would put up just for me

when I came at summer's begin.

My legs would swing

out through the door

flying through the air

filled with the smell of ocean,

as whales breached

and wafts of wood smoke

that rose through flues

to be carried by a northern wind.

I'd count the smooth painted rocks

that lined the lane

as the Collie filled with sand stood faithfully

as any dog would. Daisies and Blue Flags

grew tenaciously

amongst the craggy rocks.

Not a care in the world, as I'm wrapped tight

in a quilt in the rocking chair at morning light as Nan lit the fire. Still in her pale nylon night gown and donning her red hair.

Oh how I loved

the colour of her hair.

Just a girl

who loved colours such as yellow and orange

and the sweet taste of peppermint nobs,

that came in little brown paper bags. Brown eyes and plaits

in her favourite plaid dress

with skipping rope in hand. She always, felt the comfort

of holding her grandparents hands.

Many have left now,

generations sadly but the house still remains

next to the ocean

as whales breach

and memories linger

on the salty and smoky air.

I still don't ask for much, maybe some would beg to differ, but that doesn't matter.

Still, I would love a hug, a smile,

and yes,

even a slice of freshly baked bread.

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1 Comment

Mar 06, 2021

Transported to place, time, basal feeling of Love and Comfort, of Connection and Belonging. Beautifully written. P.

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