• Aaron Quist

A Day In The Life (An Echoing Chord)

A collaboration poem by Aaron Quist and Denise G

The Beatles celebrating the release of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

Round and round I went until I hit the skip on the vinyl please someone lift the needle so I can move from this sad song onto to the next where love lives long

But the songs come and go the album reaches an end and its fabulous lack of a run-out groove preaches a truth time and time again —

It never could be any other way.

So we pull another from the sleeve the newest and the latest the band has upped their status the new tracks are played we fall in love again because the members all stayed and invested in each other

So we stay till the end and we listen again and again because this is our song and our love is long.

"I'm an open book looking for the right words to find me. I'm equal parts naïve, wise, poetic, afraid, and loving. I'm a vibrationist and a poet. And I hope this finds you beyond well."

Aaron Quist

For more poems by Aaron please click on the link below.

This poem was originally published on Medium where Aaron and I first connected.

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