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The Fallow Moment

There's been a lotta buzz around the term Mastery.. lately it is everywhere I look. It has taken me three days to brew about this.. what have I mastery of?

Just how much I am incapable of containing.

You get to glimpse it only fleetingly In between the barren seeming moments. A fallow field isn't a bad thing.. it allows for the lengthy exhalation.. that time when exactly nothing is the VERY thing you are doing. In a guiltless preserve of such space, there is a generous provision for innovation. Yes. I will luxuriate in the knowledge that life brings me what where and when on an abundant basis. Without expectations or Without scathing remarks about enthusiasm or potential or shoulda coulda woulda didn't mantra rattling through those well-ground paths... Trod well. Mostly.

Trudy Newell


Trudy read this to me after I had said to her that I have been in such a long state of doing lately, and now I have time to rest, I feel guilty for doing just that, resting.

I say more being rather than doing is needed. It gives us time to reflect on all our hard work and to enjoy how far we have come.

Her poem was timely and I needed to hear it. Leave the shoulda, woulda and couldas at the door.

Thank you Trudy!

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