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Spinning Webs

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Only upon completion do we see the full web.

The complex weave of silk-like gossamer spun into patterns.

The threads of many, connecting our stories together to create our legacy.

Whether we have had good or bad experiences it is all a

part of the intricate web we weave.

As we create connections of a lifetime they make our web strong and stable.

Fleeting connections can change the pattern dramatically creating texture, beauty and inspired patterns in the weave.

The patterns of the constant and consistent juxtaposed against the delicate and capricious.

We are blind moving forward within the web as we can only see what is behind us and not before us.

What lies ahead only to be determined by fate, destiny or choice as if it is being spun by the hands of the divine.

Our legacy of trial and tribulations.

Our effect we had on those we touched, inspired, betrayed and loved.

The effect others had on us and how we are weaved into their web.

How we are viewed by others, and how we view ourselves.

This is all that is left behind in the wisdom of the web, our story.

D. Gushue

May 2020



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