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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Here I sit alone in solitude with my thoughts and emotions

trying to find the balance.

The balance lies somewhere in the between.

While tears stream, sometimes like waterfalls

releasing the emotions I hold.

Emotions like sadness, grief, loneliness in my aloneness.

Then there are the thoughts,

“I should be doing more.”

“Why did that happen?”

“How can I resolve this?

“How do I let go?”

The let go is in the flow of tears,

the stroke of the pen,

and the movement of my body as I dance.

The listening to the way fingers move on the piano keys,

feeling the pressure on the bow,

the controlled breath in the saxophone

and the beat of the drum.

These all come together in balance

to create the harmony of music that enters the ears

vibrating the body to soothe the soul,

transmuting the energies, negative or positive,

into that space in between,

the balance.

Balance isn’t the equalization of both

but the in between both.

It is the curved line between yin and yang.

It is where the lines cross in the infinity loop.

Balance is never perfect all the time.

If it were always perfect we would be stagnant.

When we go off course and get lost,

it is when we head towards balance again that the lessons are learned

and growth and expansion happens.

The journey doesn’t end with finding balance

as balance needs minor or major adjustments

so we can continue the expansion,

making the infinity loop longer and wider.

The curve line between Yin and Yang lengthens

as the masculine and the feminine expand at the same rate.

That is how balance happens.

In the in between is where the growth happens.

The journey continues until it stops.

Written in April 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic

D Gushue

#Balance #harmony

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