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My Power Rises

My power rises from the forest floor

Through the decay of the plants, trees and creatures that are no more My secrets and emotions flow in the water table below

My power rises from the forest floor Up through the ferns with their intricate leaves Creating a carpet of sacred geometry My power flows from the forest floor through my feet into the core of my soul It rises up through the forest, through the plants, the branches till it reaches the tree tops The birds carry the power with their song and on their wings It is carried in the caw of the crow as it rises above The caw of the crow reminds me of who I am, who I was, and who I am to be. In the eye of crow I see all that lies below I see all The rooted power in the forest floor, The ethereal light and shadow that permeates our world The gift of foresight from above in the eye of the crow My power rises from the forest floor


01 JUNE 2020

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