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Freedom to be One's Authentic Self

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Freedom, what does it mean? I think it must be different for everyone. I see it as the removal of limiting beliefs or perceived barriers. Personal expression of self without judgment. When even judgment by others is not a deterrent to your self expression. It is freeing yourself from self-judgment that may have stemmed from the belief systems that you inherited and are conditioned by.

Most of us navigate life within belief systems that aren't even ours. It is time to let go of these limiting beliefs not only for ourselves but for future generations. Even though we think we are born a blank slate, we are not. We carry ancestral beliefs within our DNA and then after birth, parents, teachers, peers and traumatic experiences imprint our so-called beliefs on us.

Some of those beliefs may be wonderful and freeing but some create feelings of lack, unworthiness and stifle sexual and creative expressions or create fear within us.

Sometimes those beliefs are challenged or create strong reactions when we are subject to judgment. No one is free of judgment and we all judge, even the most enlightened. It is how we process that judgment that makes a difference so we actually can free ourselves of it.

Often when we judge it is because it triggers something in us that we have not fully understood about ourselves or it may be uncovering something we have repressed. Repression is the opposite of expression. This is a cue to dig deeper and find out what we are repressing. What limiting belief has caused that repression of self? Is it our belief or a belief that we inherited?

So judgment could be a key to unlocking what is hidden within us. So the next time you find yourself judging someone, ask why, as it may be a key to something you may need to address.

While doing this be gentle and forgiving of yourself. We are all works in progress. No one has all the answers. The key is to be yourself, be open minded and self-reflect on our judgements of others and self. What is the root of it, is it my belief and how did it come to be my belief or is it someone else's? Who am I really, someone else's perception of me or am I solid in my authentic self?

What does freedom mean to you and what is your understanding or reaction to being judged? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Denise g

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