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Dust in the Wind

Sweet child they know not what they do.

They themselves were treated poorly as children, they only repeat the learned behavior, as they didn't possess the gift of consciousness.

Dear inner child know, now that you are safe. Their harsh critical words are just words that no longer hold any weight.

Simply imagine those words are mere dust that with one gentle blow from your loving lips disperse into the wind.

Tiny particles, now powerless to cause harm or hurt.

Your gentle forgiving breath sends them back through time, through lineage and space to the beginning. To where it all began.. now with your gift of wisdom so that it will never be repeated.

Your simple gesture of love and forgiveness provides powerful medicine that heals generations.

You now move forward in love that will be carried for generations to come.

Sweet child, now powerful loving woman stand tall and never falter.

Those words, now powerless mere dust on the wind.

D. Gushue

June 2020

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