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Consistent Future Tense

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

by Trudy Newell - Guest Blogger

Resilience, strength of being, poise of the soul.. she had it all. She was in the middle of a crisis and not breaking a sweat. Half naked, with ten inch bright red heels; she sashays and dances and elegantly shows off her assets to the men in front of her. Harlot, whore; lady of the night.. call her as you will she cares not of your opinion… not much, anyway. She just works to get through, like everybody else… like the garbage man or sewer-worker, she soon let the stench become second-nature. It was just a job where you sacrifice yourself by the hour to have the “stuff” of life. She grew through the awkwardness, through the poverty , through the pain. She was a handsome, naive girl, becoming a woman. She learned about men the really hard way. So now, she has access to the energies to heal others. Her healing ability through music became so potent that each song went into the universe to create peace , healing and Love Unconditional.

To be continued.....

Trudy is a fellow empath, mother, musician and artist from Sydney Australia.

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