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Birds, everywhere I look.

A Pileated Woodpecker soars above my head.

My garden Flamingo keeps me company while I sit in quiet reflection with my pen and paper.

The Crow caws to me to bring attention to my thoughts.

The tiny Chickadee jumps from branch to branch, sings sweetly.

The Robins dig for worms in my small patch of grass.

Life abounds in the worm's world, below the dead leaves and mulch as it prepares to emerge.

The birds are my company as I sit alone. I ask myself are we ever really alone?

Maybe moments like these while communing with nature we find our own true nature, our wholeness.

After all, in wholeness we are never alone.

We disconnect from that wholeness with our busy-ness.

In a world of technology and incessant chatter, how are we expected to hear our own voice? There is too much outside interference.

Solitude and communing with nature allows us to listen to ourselves, feel our emotions,

without judgement from the outside world.

After all, in wholeness we are never alone.

Here we find clarity, hear messages from the birds that cross our paths, commune with our God and all things divine in the universe within and without.

Here I sit with pen and paper in quiet reflection, just me and the birds.


May 2020

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