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Along the Path

Magic abounds in the air as I walk along the path.

Mystery entwined in the textured patterns of the bark. A gentle breeze ripples over layered leaves, whose viens course with chlorophyll, the very essence of life.

A filament of sunlight pierces through the tree canopy, and green glows clear and bright. Adjacent in the shadow of the tree, green is dark and moody. Who knows what secrets lies beneath?

A little creature runs across the path so quick it is just a glint in the corner of my eye.

A pair of cardinals singing sweetly allow me to watch. I dare not move, in fear of interrupting the intimate performance of these lifelong mates.

The drops from the evening rain, glisten upon dark leaves of the Lily of the Valley. The leaves pale in comparison to it's delicate flower and her perfume.

The earthy smell of the dark wet soil rises in the crisp cool air. My heartbeat syncs with the rhythm the forest.

I long to stay a while longer, so I too may grow roots, in this place of calm and ancient knowledge, but the path calls me and I must answer the call.

D. Gushue

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