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AC469 Now Departed

Light climbs each slat of the blind in the darkness of morning. The hum is much lower than the constant ringing in my left ear, and it is competing with the whir of the furnace spewing it's warm air into the coolness, under the window that is slightly ajar. It's openness necessary as I regularly overheat while I sleep. No sounds of birds just yet, but soon. I wonder what's going through their heads upon runway approach as they slide the blind up to see the sunrise on the horizon. I wonder if they will be making connections with other flights to destinations unbeknownst to me, or with people they will meet, greet and possibly hug at their journey’s end.

It's still early and I hope I can fall back to sleep before first light as sleep is still lacking from my restless night.


As a former airline employee (ground and flight attendant), travel agent and traveller, I’ve experienced travel from all sides of it. Well almost, not flying the plane but have sat in the jumpseat in the cockpit on a few occasions and have been token co-pilot on some very small puddle jumpers. I’ve always been curious about different places and the experiences that one might have while travelling.

This morning I was first trying to figure out what that light was through the blind, then it dawned on me. No pun intended, well maybe? I haven’t heard or seen many planes lately, so I looked up the departures and arrivals on the airport website and deduced is was AC469 departing for Toronto.

I never did go back to sleep.

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